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Garagedoor opener maintenance is like a prerequisite to having to have peace of mind and it ensures smooth and secure operation. As a garage door installation, and repair service provider, we present a wide range of types, and control devices of garage doors and openers to ensure satisfaction. The selected service department of ours has the ability to uncover and sort out the problems of all kinds of automatic doors and control systems. Moreover, we are ready to function 24 hours a day as long as it is required. It does not matter whether it is a single garage door for your personal house, or you rather need a couple of them for your business. In any case we provide adequate door system solutions. Walk in our shop and get a chance and see that positive feeling, a true satisfaction of your purchase.Common Opener Issues: In course of time garages door openers suffer errors due to their depreciation, not observance of their serviceability or electric faults. Frequent problems are noisy operation resulting from solving or loosening hardware or not lubrication, intermittent functions because of broken wiring or misaligned sensor, door reversal telling sensor misalignment or obstructing, failure of remote controller from battery failure or signal interference, and the absence of response because of power supply failure or motor broken.

Repair and Maintenance Tips

As a garage door repair veteran, I strongly recommend the following easily doable procedures when you experience typical opener challenges and don't want a complicated operation:

  • Check and oil moving parts periodically to eliminate noise and reduce friction.
  • Control wheel alignment to ensure overall operation and safety.
  • Tighten the hardware to prevent the opener mechanism from slipping.
  • Test the safety elements, whether it's the autoreverse mechanism or force sensitivity settings.
  • Regularly replace the batteries in the remote control to maintain operational stability.


Proper maintenance of garage door opener is an essential part of prolonging its life and maintaining its performance. At the garage door installation and repair service we provide, we have large selection garage doors and openers to meet your standard. We provide top-notch service department that can really troubleshoot all your emergency with different American and European brands and offers round-the-clock emergency service. We are able to meet all your needs from small garages to large enterprises. This is especially for garage doors whether for your home or your business. It is your choice, we beg you, you will not be agrodismissed.